Welcome you to Baramulla Public School. As you spend time getting to know us on our website, on our campus and in our classrooms you will find that Baramulla Public School is a really remarkable place. The objective of the school is to inculcate a rational outlook, foster scientific temper and develop passionate love for learning among its students.

It is with this objective that Muslim Education Foundation established Baramulla Public School in 1994 at Eidgah Jadeed Baramulla, by co-opting with Auquaf Islamia Baramulla. The two organizations jointly manage the affairs of school and their services are voluntary. The earnings of the school are utilized for its expansion and improvement of the facilities. During this short span of time, the school has carved out a niche for itself and established itself as a preferred Higher Secondary Institute in the northern part of the state. The school, at present, has a registered roll of approximately 1500 students from LKG to the Higher Secondary level based on a BOSE core curriculum. The school was founded in 1994 and has since grown to be Kashmir Valley’s one of the prestigious school,

We welcome you to spend some time on this website and then schedule an appointment to visit our campus. Baramulla Public School offers extraordinary programs and we look forward to sharing them with you and your family.

Our Approach

No single value, skill or competence, however admirable, is sufficient unto itself. For a well rounded child development to happen, it is imperative that there be all round development of value, skills and abilities. To achieve these objectives, our emphasis is on providing and uplifting social and academic environment in which the child can grow, be taught and learn the relevance of, and respect for, all things for a better life. It is our pledge that we will be fair in our service and treat everyone with courtesy and respect.


Good Schooling

Education is not only for altering one’s circumstances, but for modifying and bringing about beneficial changes to one’s surroundings and shaping the world into a better place to live in for all. The purpose of schooling would be defeated if it does not transform the child into a good individual in every sphere of life. It is possible when the students are truly passionate about their own personal endeavors in fulfilling the goals expected of them by the society. The success of a school is not counted by the quantity of the students it produces but by the quality of education being imparted by it. It is said that the social and emotional environment is an invisible teacher. Therefore a lot of emphases have to be laid on shaping the school environment to be child friendly. Such a nurturing environment will not only enhance their experience and exposure but will help them unfold their hidden potential and recognize their self worth. It is the responsibility of the educators to ensure that the children have ideal setting at the school to do so successfully. Parents have also a duty to evaluate the institution in which they wish to place their children, as that single decision will be crucial in setting the future course of development of the child