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School Facilities & Services

For kindergarten students

The school provides a variety of activities for KG students  for fun and hands on learning. Activity rooms are designed to make learning more fun and exciting. The rooms are equipped with educational games and toys. The concept is learning through play in a child friendly atmosphere.

The school has play areas where physical and fun-filled activities are encouraged. A wide array of play-way and teaching material is available which helps the various aspects of development. Classrooms are equipped with audio visual facilities. The students have access to videos and documentaries related to their curriculum.


e Learning/Lab facilities

To keep itself in tune with the modern technologies of learning, the school has provided e-learning on live facility to gain better understanding of the subject of study.  E-learning  facility is designed to supplement the study material and facilitate better preparation for examination. The school provides state of art facilities in respect of library, laboratories like physics, chemistry, biology and computer science. Constant improvement of theinfrastructure is an ongoing process.

School website and school management software

The school installed latest type of web based school management software, wherein school administration and management can get any information regarding student. Our latest technology based web site can provide information regarding school, and students can download their assignment and syllabus.

Excellence in Sports

We firmly believe that in the present day world, sports is a very viable career option, and we have created the human and material resources to enable our wards to develop and advance to the highest level in the field of sports.The institution has a very outstanding record in the field of sports. Our wards have participated in and excelled at various levels of sports meets.

Transport  facilities

There is a pick and drop facility available for the students who desire to use the transport facilities of the school.


BPS believes that a love of reading is key to a good education. Reading for pleasure is key to unlocking a child’s imagination and learning potential, and BPS is proud to call itself a ‘whole reading school’. Each child has a weekly library session, aimed to encourage reading for pleasure and support independent learning and study skills. Activities include everything from story times for the younger years to author visits and creative writing workshops.

The library aims to support the development of each child’s reading skills, to enable them to discover the joy of reading, and to use non-fiction texts effectively, putting the children in greater control of their own learning and literacy.

The Main School library holds over 10,000 books of fiction and non-fiction. There is a  computer for research and independent study also available , as well as newspapers Journals and comics. The Library is open throughout the day.

Scholarship / fee concession

As a duty towards society, the school management is providing scholarship/ fee concession to the needy students within its limited resources.

Surveillance system

Security of school campus has become a high priority in recent years. Appreciating the need, the school management has got installed one such facility in key locations of the campus to monitor activities.